We love helping entrepreneurs succeed and businesses grow

We seek companies leveraging technology to transform their industries in meaningful ways. We are equally excited deploying emerging technologies, such as the blockchain, as we are using existing technologies in novel ways. We also have access to some of the world’s most brandable domain assets. We strive to combine World Media Group’s premium domain names with talented teams that bring passion, creativity, and expertise, and share our common interest in advancing the world we live in. Premium Names white-arrow
World Accelerator offers a unique opportunity to build a thriving business on the foundation of a premium domain name. We are seeking energetic and innovative teams interested in utilizing our premier domains to their fullest advantage. In addition, we bring a wealth of experience scaling companies. We help our companies across all areas of their business where needed most ranging from capital strategy, team building, networking, operational expertise, exit strategy and general mentorship. We also invest where we see opportunities to accelerate growth.

What we offer

Launch to public

We know what it takes to start from scratch and also to run a public company because we have done it.

Capital expertise

We have raised over $250 million of start-up growth capital and over $1 billion of later stage capital for our own and other companies.

Team building

We go deep to help our companies foster the right culture, find talent from our broad networks, and proactively build for scale.

Investor management

We understand how to pitch investors and structure deals that work for all parties.


The strength of the right domain

World Accelerator offers valuable ‘properties’ in the form of exclusive branded domain names. With a premium brand you open more doors, improve conversions, improve retention, and accelerate your business. Premium Names black-arrow

Meet companies being developed by us and our partners

“Working with World Accelerator has allowed us to stay a step ahead on key decisions around capital and growth. Launching at Doctor.com gives our platform an edge in the market to deploy our award-winning technology”

~ Andrei Zimiles

CEO & Co-Founder, Doctor.com

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latestTogether, we leverage our diverse skills, expertise, and capital to create companies that matter.


  • What is World Accelerator?

    World Accelerator is the first ever Domain Accelerator and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop a business based on prime Internet real estate. Over the last ten years, the cost and time needed to bring exciting and disruptive businesses to market has dramatically compressed. However, building credibility with customers, partners and your brand still takes time. World Accelerator changes this paradigm, turning it upside down as companies can now start with a powerful existing brand on day one.
  • Where is World Accelerator located?

    World Accelerator is a global platform. While we are based in midtown New York our teams and affiliated companies are headquartered all around the world. Please reach us via our Contact Us form.
  • What do you look for in a World Accelerator applicant?

    We look for focus, passion, and a team’s knowledge of their market. We also look for agile development experience. You must be able to deploy value rapidly to take advantage of the growth you can see from a great brand. We want to understand what is disruptive about a team’s plan or what is their unique value proposition. We look to understand your go to market and growth strategy and revenue and margin models. We like to also go deep to understand a team’s KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that you will be targeting. Finally, of course the clincher is in making sure all these elements can leverage and benefit from one of the World Accelerator domain brands.
  • How are deals on the domains structured?

    It is important that any structure reflects the effort and commitment by entrepreneurs and that there is alignment with all parties. As a development team you want control and ownership over the brands you are developing. The use of one of our domain brands takes on the form of a very attractive license to allow the entrepreneur time to use and build into the brand without burdening your growth. The brand is an enabler and will further help you accelerate your plans. As you build your business you can acquire the brand at a capped price in the future or some other payout structure. This is set upfront which means as you prove successful, you get the upside for your efforts. World gets some ownership in the venture which gives World upside. The whole program allows for the right alignment and all parties benefit from the use of the brand.
  • I need Capital, how can World help?

    World invests in companies from time to time. We tend to invest capital to accelerate growth once a team has demonstrated product market fit. We have also participated in follow-on investments in portfolio companies as parts of larger rounds. However, that is just a small part of our funding contribution. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience raising capital from a range of sources. We are well acquainted with the community of angel investors and venture capitalists and know how to find financing through seed funding, strategic debt, M&A and IPO’s. World Accelerator also works closely with our team to ensure they have the right components and a successful plan to access capital as needed.