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    • Selection Criteria

      The World Accelerator program offers a unique opportunity. We are seeking energetic and creative entrepreneurs interested in developing ‘a domain brand’ into a successful business. Candidates will be selected based on the following criteria:

      A great idea: What is the big picture concept you will utilize with this premium ‘property’ and where are you making a difference in our world or the people in it?

      A solid team: As important as your idea is, your ability to implement it will require you to bring a talented, high energy and creative team to the table. Having core technology development capabilities in-house is strongly preferred. Teams need to be agile and ready for lean rapid deployment.

      Workable, executable strategy: Have you worked out the specific steps needed to bring this idea to fruition? Have you implemented any aspects of your idea already and are you seeing traction? We like to study KPI’s and cohort trends.

      How will your concept translate into business success? A feasible plan to generate revenue will be essential to leverage participation in the World Accelerator program.

    • Application Rules

      Teams can be from anywhere in the World, but must be English speaking. Teams must be fully dedicated to their business, and have a clear plan to develop the brand. Teams that submit a business idea understand that ideas submitted are not confidential. Multiple people may have the same idea and ideas may be thought of or implemented by someone else. While we are requesting your ideas and why you are the right team to implement them, we request that information that you deem as proprietary should not be submitted. For applicants selected, individual deals are negotiated for mutual benefit and only executed written agreements commit either party to proceed.